Ripped Jeans

Inchers of Style! 🖤

I wrote a part of this post in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and the other one in the aircraft to LA.

[I get a lot of inspiration by looking through my window the world from above 🌊.]

Later, I’ll prepare a post about my visit to Disneyland and LA, both in the state of California 🌴.

Today I’m sharing with you an edgier outfit. I mean, it still being my personal style but with my new kicks and jean, the things change a bit.

[At least the way I look at myself in the mirror.]

Since the day that Reebok announced their most recent line of Reebok Classics, #ThisIsClassic, I fell in love immediately. I think that they match perfectly with everything.

Also, the design is very cool, and the color is just perfect. I needed one pair of shoes with different design and color, and these were the right ones.

[Thanks, Dad ❤️].

Like I’m used to, I accepted this month Fashion Bloggers Venezuela (@fashionbloggersvzla) challenge: #RetoRippedJeans.

I have three ripped jeans: the first one is skinny, but I would say that it looks like a slim fit one so particularly I don’t like it that much; the second one is not that ripped; the last one I like it but it’s light-colored.

To be honest with you. I saw this challenge as the ideal opportunity to buy a real ripped jean, which makes me feel comfortable with. Don’t blame me, my love for fashion is the guilty here.

I’ve never had a jean so distressed like this one so, I’m loving it!

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a white sweater with blue jeans, both from H&M, and my new burgundy kicks, like 77IoS main color, from Reebok.

#MyADVICE —  To build an outfit with a ripped jean you must leave the main role to it because you can’t avoid the fact that everyone’s eyes will stare at your jean. Ripped stuff tend to be flashy.

Avoid using tops with complex patterns or graphics. Your outfit needs to be balanced because the ripped jean is already “cracking” the harmony.

[There’s nothing wrong about showing off skin, neither to stare at someone’s appearance. In fact, ripped jeans tend to look better with specific outfits].

P.D.: You don’t need to exaggerate on “I want to show off skin”. There has to be a balance. If not you can forget the jeans, and show off your legs with a short.

🙂 — Don’t listen to what people may tell you. Wear your ripped jeans proudly and hit the streets!



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