Outwear — Chapter One

Hey, Inchers! 😝

How the first month of the year went for you?

I must say that mine was kinda messy but shiny at the same time. All the final tests that I had didn’t stop me from dressing nicely 😎.

However, February is here to remove all the pressure on my shoulders, although I continue working at my job as Online Editor. What I mean is that my fifth semester of Journalism and Social Communication is over, and I can keep in touch with you more.

A few days ago I was thinking about something to write in 77IoS that involved men and women as well. So… I thought in bomber jackets! Men and women can wear them without any problem 🚹🚺.

Then I thought more about it (😂), and I realized that I could have both genres in more posts by writing about the outwear. So, I want to write more chapters.

I believe that I’ve told you before, maybe on Fall Issue 2.0 or Winter Days 2.0, that when you use outwear you must decide who takes the lead role: it’s not right to have a flashy shirt under a bomber jacket.

But why? Usually, bombers tend to be flashy ✨, and to avoid any fashion disaster I give the lead role to my outwear. I like to show it off when I wear it. Don’t you? 🤠

#MyOUTFIT — Here’s the thing. I had two photo shoots with the same silver bomber jacket from Zara and Hollister jean. The two things that I changed were:

Outfit 1- A light blue Hanes t-shirt, and my Air Max 90 from Nike 💖.

Outfit 2- A white Jockey t-shirt, and my black Vans 🖤.

With this, I wanted to show you that no matter the location or the tops and shoes that you have on, the bomber jacket will always lead. If it’s a silver one more 💿.

Plus — You can get creative with the shoes because they can add a touch of color to your look 🌈.

#MyADVICE — Don’t wear a cool shirt under a cool bomber. Keep it simple. Use a unicolor t-shirt, maybe a graphic tee, that matches with your bomber. Light colors are perfect because they blend perfectly with jackets.

P.D.: don’t you ever take off your outwear. It’ll ruin your outfit.

Photos — Andrea Vargas 💜 & Annia, my sister 💚.

🙂 — I apologize for disappearing a bit here at 77IoS. University is my priority. I want you to know that I want to write more things interesting things in Culture, and keep OOTD updated.

Stay tuned! 📣

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