Fall Issue 2.0

Hey, Inchers of Style! I hope that you’re all well.

Do you remember what I told you in my first post about Fall fashion? If you don’t, or you haven’t read it yet, feel free to check it out: Fall Issue.

Summer is officially over, Autumn has finally arrived. Does that mean that you can continue using your shorts?

YES: If you live in a tropical place with two seasons, hot and wet, like Venezuela.

MAYBE: If the place you live in has an “appropriate” cold temperature to go out with shorts.

NO: If you live in a place with low temperatures during Fall. You don’t want to get sick or something like that.

So, the opportunity to be photographed inspired me to create an outfit for the first days of the season in northern countries (because it’s not that cold yet), but specially, as I said before, for people that doesn’t have the chance to enjoy Autumn physically (Like me and many of my Inchers of Style.)

But guess what? With this outfit, you will feel that Fall is in the air.

[My buddies Fernando Bustillos and Alejandro Tortosa were the ones behind the camera. They did an awesome job photo-shooting me. Love you both.]

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a light gray long-sleeve sweater from Old Navy, a navy Preppy short from Hollister, Adidas Superstars, blue shades from Ray-Ban and a G-Shock.

To be honest with you, the outfit came to me spontaneously. I mean, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I wasn’t sure about the right clothes to use. Sometimes I’m the kind of person that plans absolutely all, but the one that let things happen naturally.

These 2 outfits may be helpful too: stylish and practical.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#MyADVICE — Despite wearing a t-shirt with a short isn’t wrong because in Summer we’re used to doing so (Like I did in Summer Days), you must cover up in this season. I consider that it’s a matter of elegance and style too.

With my outfit and the ones that I prepared for you via Polyvore, you will avoid looking like you just came from the beach, because you will be dressed according to the current season.

🙂 — I named this photoshoot Stars Dance, like Selena Gomez‘s song, because my attitude in it has a mystic-powerful vibe, just like her song (I love and admire Selena so much.) I hope that you liked it!


The sky is everywhere, so meet me under there. I can make the stars dance, dance, dance for you.


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