Summer Days

Summer isn’t my favorite season of the year, but I have many reasons to enjoy it. For example, I can dedicate time to myself, rest from the university, eat more than usual and use my shorts (because I have excuses to do so.)

For this time, all kind of shorts will be your daily company. Jean shorts are 10 of 10 because you won’t have any issues with matching the color of the shirts with them.

Changing a bit the topic, I must confess that I made a discovery during this season… Bandanas! IDEAL to wear them because they will always upgrade your outfit. Your best accessory for the Summer.

#MyADVICE — To have several combinations, buy different colors. I recommend you to buy them in dark tones. I bought 6: yellow, burgundy, navy, green, black and red.

During this season it’s the best moment to wear light clothes and take advantage of dark accessories. But, why light? You avoid dying of heat (Especially if you live in/travel to a tropical place.) For that reason, make sure to take with you light tops. Oh, and don’t worry if your bottoms are dark colored, you will not feel the heat with them.

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a white Jockey t-shirt, navy Preppy Shorts from Hollister, with my red Ray-Ban‘s and a black bandana.

🙂 — I know that for some of you Summer may be over but, this idea came to me a few days ago and, it’s good to have it in mind for the next year!



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